Find More Time To Be In Front Of Clients

What if we could give you more time to be in front of clients? Would spending more time with your client help grow our practice?

According to a recent survey on time management, business owner spend upward of 68% of their time on tasks related to daily operations and only 32% of their time on the activities that actually drive their profits. It you’re bogged down in the minutia of running your practice, you’re not in front of your clients. And, if you’re not in front of your clients, YOU’RE NOT MAKING MONEY!

Time is a commodity and we can help you get yours back.

M2 Partners connects business leaders with highly qualified, contract-based professional to manage the low-level, albeit essential, daily administrative tasks eating up your time. Our virtually based ePartners integrate seamlessly into daily operations and take things like appointment and calendar coordination, bookkeeping, social media management, thank you notes and client gifts, holiday campaigns, and so much more off your to-do list.

Time is money. (Benjamin Franklin)

The Society for Human Resources Management finds on average it costs $4,129 to hire a new employee and takes 42 days. In addition to that expense, the company shoulders the cost of payroll taxes, benefits, and office overhead when hiring personnel traditionally. To keep costs reasonable, it could mean compromising on the quality of the employee.

M2 Partners recruits and pre-screens talent to match the expectations, required experience level, and personality of your office. Our talented professionals are ready and eager to operate at the highest levels. 91% of our ePartners hold a college degree; 25% hold a masters level degree; and we are proud to say that 89% of our team members are Veterans or spouses of our United States Military service members.

M2 ePartners work remotely from their own home office. They provide their own computer, phone, and internet capability at no cost to you. All you pay is an hourly rate for the delegated tasks and responsibilities and have the ability to control costs by setting margins on the hours worked. Without the burden of paid time off, this means every dollar spent paying an ePartner is directly reinvested into your business.

We tend to overvalue the things we can measure and undervalue the things we cannot. (John Hayes)

Client Success Story:

In any business, numbers don’t lie. A financial advisor hired an M2 ePartner to manage general administrative work for the office. The client was so impressed after three months, the firm hired a second M2 ePartner exclusively for bookkeeping. Together these two ePartners average 53 hours monthly (13 hours a week), billing $35 an hour*. Consider:

53 hours x $35 = $1,851 monthly
13 hours x $35 = $463 weekly

Envision your workflow. How many more clients could you see by freeing up 53 hours of time? How many of those clients would you need to close to cover the $1,851 invoice for two ePartners? There is no recruiting, no hiring, no payroll, no taxes for your handle. You delegate. We deliver.

“You can do anything, but not everything.” – David Allen
… and for the things your can’t do, M2 Partners can help.

If you are ready to find more time to be in front of clients, schedule a call today to learn how M2 Partners can add value and help you grow your practice.